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Multitude Tech Corporation General Policy

Tap and Shop Reward System and Affiliate Program:
  1. Tap and Shop Online Selling/Buying - All products posted by the registered merchant/seller are subject to 12% VAT. Discounts and freebies are depends on the merchant/seller.

  2. Tap and Earn - you can get as much as 7% commission for every referral. Commission will be accredited when your referral join to Tap and Win’s online Auction or converted his/her TS Gold into TW Gold.

  3. Tap and Load - Get 5% rebate every time you buy load using TS gold in your account.

  4. Tap and Win - You will get at least 80-99% discount in our Online Auction.

  5. Tap and Fly - You will find lowest and cheapest rates every time you book a flight.

  6. Tap and Stay - You will find lowest and affordable hotel rates word wide.

  7. Tap and Loan - Soon to launch.

  8. Tap and Pay - Soon to launch.

  9. Tap and Play - Get additional TS gold points every time you play.

  10. Tap and Learn - Soon to launch.

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