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Return and Refund
  • How can I request a Return/Refund?
    - You will only be able to request for return/refund if the conditions indicated are met and if the “Order Received” button has not been tapped.
    - In case the Buyer has already tapped the “Order Received” button and wants to request for return/refund, the Buyer has to contact the seller immediately.
    - The return/refund process may vary depending on which seller or product type you ordered from, below is the allowed timeframe for submitting Return/Refund requests.

  • How to get your payment for refund?
  • How to return your order via self-arrange?
    - Self-Arrange allows the buyer to select their preferred courier to ship out the item for return. Initially, the return shipping fee (RSF) will be shouldered by the buyer.
    - The shouldered RSF will be manually refunded once the return/refund process is completed. Kindly wait to receive an email from TapAndShop regarding the RSF that will be refunded to you within 5-7 working days. If you did not receive your RSF refund, kindly contact TapAndShop Customer Service Hotline 7148-7242.
    - Since this is Self-arranged, TapAndShop has no means of tracking your shipment. Kindly coordinate closely with your chosen logistic provider.
    - Note:
    • Make sure to ship out the item within 5 days.
    • Ensure to download and attach the return label from the email sent to you.
    • Upload the proof of shipment.
    • Include the photo of the Request ID at the top part of the airwaybill.
    • Photo of the Parcel with the return label, proof of shipment, and indicate the Request ID using a marker
    • Failure to include your Request ID can result in lost parcels and cancellation of the refund request.

    - Once your item is successfully returned, Tap and Shop or seller will have 3 days to respond to your return and refund request. You will be informed via push notification on whether your request is approved or if it will require further investigation.
    - Note:
    • All refunds, except Credit Card payments, will be credited to your TS Gold account.
    • For disputed cases where returns will be processed via Self Arrange, check your app and look for any updates from our Dispute agent.
    • In the event your return parcel does not have clear identifiers (Return Label or Request ID), we may make an attempt to reach out to you via SMS / Phone call to try to identify the parcel to help you resolve your return request. Please ensure you provide the correct details, as otherwise it can result in cancellation of your return request.

  • How to get your refund via TS Gold?
  • What are the conditions for requesting a Return/Refund?
  • What to do if the order has not yet arrived?
    - We highly recommend that you constantly check on your TapAndShop account/app to track the status of your order. The shipping information status might not reflect immediately, kindly wait within 24 - 48 hours for the couriers to update your order status.
    - Delayed Cash on Delivery(COD) orders that are passed the expected date of arrival, you may contact us and provide the specific order number.

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